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Saiwa Swamp National Park

Saiwa Swamp National Park a forested paradise dominated by exotic flowers, trees and birds making it a veritable haven for nature lovers. The Park is Kenya’s smallest National Park with an area of 3km but surely rewarding. This park was mainly garzetted to protect the habitat of the rare and endangered semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope and also to preserve the rare De Brazza’s monkeys. Within this tropical wetlands, there are a variety of riverine forests, sedges and acacia woodlands with fringing dense rushes and grass beds making it a good habitat for Birds.

Water birds here include the lesser jacana, the African black duck and the grey heron while the forest shelters the Narina trogons, collared and orange-tufted sunbird, Hartlaub’s marsh widow bird, the yellow bishop and the Noisy Ross’s turacos which can’t be missed.  Plants, insects and reptiles can also be spotted in this relatively small area.


Activities in Saiwa Swamp National Park

The park has a number of activities that one can engage in and they include;

Nature walk

This small but diverse park is a great destination for Nature lovers who would want to move off the beaten paths to enjoy what Saiwa swamp has to offer for example the unique blue monkeys, exotic flowers, trees and birds.



Saiwa swamp is also a great destination for birding safaris since it harbors over 372 bird species and they include;  the crowned crane, sunbirds, Lesser Jacana, Rose turaco, grey heron, Narina trogons, bishop, window bird among others.


When to Visit

Saiwa Swamp is open to visitors all throughout the year but the best time to visit is from December to March and also from June to October.


How to Get there

The park accessed by both road and air transport;

By Road, about 380km from Nairobi though the park has no permanent roads.

By Air, accessed using domestic flight from Wilson Airstrip to Kitale Airport.


Saiwa Swamp Entry Gates

Saiwa swamp National Park has only one Entry gate;

Saiwa Gate


Accommodations in Saiwa Swamp National Park

These accommodations range from Luxury and Mid-Range to Budget and they include;

Luxury Accommodations

Aturukan Resort

Sirikwa Tented Camp


Mid-Range Accommodations

Crane Haven

Transnzoia County Resort

Sleep well Guest house

Mid-Africa Hotel

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