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Ruma National Park

Being Kenya’s last remaining Sanctuary for Roan Antelopes, Ruma National Park situated in Homabay County in the Western part of Kenya near Lake Victoria. This Park lies on the flat floor of the seasonally watered Lambwe River Valley bordered by the Kanyamwa Escarpment to the Southeast and also by the volcanic plugs of the Ruri Hills to the North. Ruma  initially known as Lambwe Valley Game Reserve before  garzetted as a National Park.

Ruma National Park’s landscape  characterized by a diverse environment which varies from savannah, woodlands, towering cliffs, acacia thickets, volcanic plugs to riverine woodlands. The park also boosts of being the last retreat of the Roan Antelopes because it is a sanctuary for these species of antelopes.

The Park promises undiscovered wildlife treasures as well as undisturbed peace. Ruma’s birdlife is exceptional in that it is also the only protected area in Kenya where the scarce Intra-African Migrant, “the globally threatened blue swallow” is regularly recorded. The Blue swallows which depend on moist grassland for both feeding and roosting arrive in Kenya from their breeding grounds in Southern Tanzania around April and then depart again in September.

Ruma National Park  divided into 4 zones which include the closed zone, High use zone, Low use zone and the influence Zone and they all serve various purposes which include; acting as a breeding ground for roan antelopes as well as high wildlife viewing experiences and also the community land within the Park boundary.


Activities in Ruma National Park

Game Drives

During game drives, a variety of wildlife species can be seen as tourists drive through the Park’s spectacular landscape, it can be done during different times of the day giving an opportunity to spot wildlife species such as roan antelope, Rothschild giraffe, leopard, buffalo, hyena, baboons, honey badgers, cape buffaloes, vervet monkeys and lelwel hartebeests among others.



Bird watching in Ruma national park gives the tourists an opportunity to see the rare blue swallow, this park is said to have a variety of over 400 bird species which include ostriches, sunbirds, kingfishers, African fish eagle and pelicans among others.


Boat cruises

Boat Cruises in Ruma National Park takes places on Lake Victoria and it allows tourists to spot the different wildlife species as they relax in the comfort of their boat. This activity also offers a great opportunity to enjoy the captivating sunset on the waters of Lake Victoria.



Best  carried out in the Gwassi hills seen in the back drop of Ruma national park. A variety of plant species seen during the hike in this national park and they include natural forests, wild forest fruits, and many others.


Nature walks

Nature walks in Ruma National engage the tourists in close interaction with the wilderness and the natural environment with special attention given to the smallest attractions such as the plant species and other unique features of the park. A variety of tree density, canopy cover and also the dominant species of grass are among the attractions seen during the nature walks.


When to Visit

Visited any time of the year but wildlife viewing is best during the dry season in the months of June to October and also January to February.


How to Get to Ruma National Park

The park reached by both Road and Air transport means.

By Road

Reached from Nairobi via Nakuru or Homa Bay.

By Air

Travellers can book a chartered flight from Wilson Airstrip to Homa bay through airstrips like Kasigau airstrip, Jipe airstrip, and makatau airstrip among others.


Ruma Entry Gates

Accessed from 2 Entrances and they include;

Kamato Gate

Nyatoto Gate


Accommodations in Ruma National Park

The Accommodations range from Luxury and Mid-Range to Budget and they include;

Luxury Accommodations

Mfagano Island Camp

Rusinga Island Lodge


Mid-Range Accommodations

The Golden Rays Resort

Ruma River Lodge

Hotel Twin Towers

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