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Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park is located along the Kenya-Ethiopia borderline along with River Daua and it covers 1,500sqkm of semi-arid bushland and scrubby grassland which make for a Unique and Unforgettable Adventure. Owed to its high concentration of wildlife, Malka Mari was gazetted in 1989 as a National Park and it’s located in the extreme Northern region of the country within the Mandera plateau. Malka Mari’s climate is generally dry and hot and its landscape is greatly dominated by scrubby and semi-Arid grassland with palms and riparian woodland along the Daua River.

Malka Mari National Park is home to a variety of plants that are unique to the area and offer a glimpse into the biodiversity of the region. These plants grow vigorously in the semi-arid conditions of the park and their resilience is a testament to the beauty of nature. In addition, the park is also home to an abundance of animals like the Somali giraffes, crocodiles, antelopes, hyenas, agama lizards, vultures, zebras, genets and the dik-diks. The Park is truly a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise.

Bird lovers will also get amazed with the over 20 species of birds that call Malka Mari National Park home. They include; the streptopelia decipiens, Corvus ruficollis, ploceus dichrocephalus, cichladusa guttata and the rare desert crow among others. With their vibrant colors and beautiful songs, these birds add a mesmerizing touch of magic to the already impressive landscape and despite being the least visited park in Kenya, it’s a must-see for anyone looking for an authentic African wilderness experience.


Activities in Malka Mari National Park

There are quite a number of activities visitors can enjoy while at Malka Mari and they include;

Game viewing

Malka Mari National Park is one of the one stop destinations to consider exploring for game-viewing experiences. It rewards visitors with exciting views of zebras, Agama lizards, genets, Nile crocodiles along River Daua, giraffes, Dik-Diks, gazelles, antelopes and spotted hyenas among others.



For the bird lovers, the park offers refuge to an incredible number of birdlife. Spotted out during game viewing especially the Shelley’s starling, Carmine bee-eater and African pygmy kingfisher, Magpie starling, White-throated bee-eater, wattled starling, Lilac-breasted roller, Common sandpiper, Heuglin’s bustard and many others.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Hot Air Balloon Safaris offer spectacular views of wildlife and it normally takes place in the morning hours. It’s rewarding since you see hyenas returning back to their dens after a hunt, it’s also a good opportunity for photographers to take the best shots.


Cultural experience

While at Malka Mari, you will experience the unique African culture by visiting the people and support them by purchasing some unique hand-made crafts to take back home for remembrance or to your loved ones.


Guided Nature walks and Hiking

During this activity, you will see a number of crocodiles at Daua River and also visit Malka Mari fort.


When to Visit

Malka Mari National Park  visited throughout the year because it has semi-arid dry parts and dense bushes which provide good visibility to spot animals within the park.


How to Get to Malka Mari National Park

Accessed by both Road and Air;

By Road

The Park has 2 access roads; The Northern route to Isiolo passing via Moyale near Ethiopian Boarder. Also the Eastern route through the Sara Hill and it takes about 160km before reaching Banissa, a small village hosting an airstrip that serves the park.

By Air

Domestic airstrips are available from Wilson airstrips to Banissa airstrip and also other airstrips like Malka Mari airstrip, Takaba airstrip, Elwak airstrip and Mandera main airstrip.


Accommodations in Malka Mari
Luxury Accommodations

De L Horloge

Al-Marwa Hotel

Galana Palace Hotel

Offbeat Meru Camp


Mid-Range Accommodations

Malkamari lodge,

Banisa Guest House

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