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Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park  located southeast of Nairobi within Tsavo West and Amboseli National Park Ecosystems. The Park’s landscape consists of emerald green rolling hills and dense forests  known as the “Green Hills of Africa.” These hills are of volcanic nature and they range from Ash cones to craters as a result of volcanic eruptions which occurred more than 240 years ago. Chyulu hills are also a water catchment area for Mzima springs, Tsavo River and also Galana River.

The Park  gazetted in1983 and it covers an approximate area of 471sqkm with Verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and a spectacular landscape.

Chyulu National Park is a rugged jumble of ancient volcanic cones and craters, it is also the longest lava tube in the world.  In addition to its breathtaking landscapes and views, Chyulu is home to a wonderful selection of game, and among them include; buffalo, bushbucks, Zebra, elands, leopards, giant forest hogs, elephants, antelope, wildebeest, steinbok, bush pigs, reedbucks and giraffes along with various reptiles and insects.

The Park also home to various bird species amounting to 300 species and some of these include; Martial eagles, secretary birds, southern-ground hornbills. And they can mainly spotted on Lake Jipe.


Activities in Chyulu Hills National Park

The activities tourists can engage in during their visit to Chyulu hills National Park include;

Game Drive

This is best done in the morning and despite the low densities of wildlife species in this park. A variety of wildlife species sighted such as the common eland, Eastern black rhino, bush pig, Masai giraffe, mountain reedbuck, zebras, Cheetahs, African leopard, lions, steinbok and wildebeests.



Hiking in Chyulu Hills rewards tourists with volcanic scenery and the beauty of the wild in the Chyulu hills which are one of the youngest ranges in the world. The hikes in this park range from magnificent grassy plains to the higher green and misty peaks. Chyulu hills provides the view of Mount Kilimanjaro ranges at the backdrop which is mind-blowing to the hikers. The Chyulu hills have a slope that is also suitable for the less experienced hikers and it provides a satisfying and less strenuous hiking experience to the tourist.


Nature walk

Nature lovers can as well engage in nature walks as they explore the Verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and spectacular landscape. Different bird and plant species can also be sighted among the heavy mists of the Chyulu hills such as flowers like the species of orchids.


Horseback riding

Chyulu hills National Park also allows for tourists to engage on horseback riding as they travel through the diverse landscape which is a unique game viewing experience with very close encounters with the different wildlife species of the park.


Mountain biking

This ranges from biking through a beautiful environment in Chyulu hills national park, from the deep swamps to edgy woodlands making twists and turns beneath the Chyulu hills.


Cultural encounters

This involves having an interaction with the local community which consists of the Maasai who depend upon the land alongside the Kamba people. The Maasai are generally pastoralists and they keep a variety of livestock such as cattle and goats.



This involves spotting the different bird species such as the Shelley’s falcon, crowned eagle, cinnamon bracken warbler, martial eagle, Ayres hawk eagle, Abbot’s sterling and many other bird species and they range from endemic species to the native species. Forest birds can as well be seen in Chyulu hills National Park and among them include; the Abyssinian crimson wing, the cinnamon dove, terrestrial pigeon and many others. Most of these birds can be seen on Lake Jipe which is an excellent birding spot located in the south west corner of the park.


When to Visit

Chyulu Hills  visited throughout the year but wildlife viewing is usually best during the dry months from June to October and also January to February.


How to Get to Chyulu Hills National Park

By road

Chyulu Hills National Park  accessed from Nairobi via Mombasa road via Emali town to Loitokitok road.

By air

You can catch a scheduled flight from Wilson airport to Chyulu hills airstrips such as Ol Donyo airstrip and Campi ya Kazi airstrip.


Chyulu Hills Entry Gates

Chyulu Hills can be accessed through the following Gates;

Main Gate

Kiboko gate

Mukururo gate


Accommodations in Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills’ accommodations range from Luxury and Mid-Range to Budget and they include;

Luxury Accommodations

Campi ya Kazi

Ol Donyo Lodge

Ambokili Lodge

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