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Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is a 767sqkm protected area in Central Kenya. In contrast to Kenya’s other national parks with vast savannahs, this park has dense green forests and deep gorges intersected by streams, rivers as well as gushing waterfalls. It is also an isolated Volcanic range that forms the Eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley running about 100km North South between Nairobi and Thompson falls. This beautiful scenic region is much cooler than the savannas and offers a completely different perspective on the Country.

The park lies mainly above the three line, the scenery is specular with its Mountainous terrain covered in thick tropical forests swathed in the mist. The park was established in May 1950 to protect the forested slopes and moors of the Aberdares Mountains, of which it is a part. The Aberdare ranges are the 3rd highest mountain range in the Country and they rise from 1,829 to 4,001m above sea level. Aberdares National Park has two ecosystems, the Salient has rainforest and hills with high waterfalls whereas the Kinangop Plateau is plain with hills, bogs and mountain streams.

Aberdare National Park is a Wildlife Haven with various mammal species and it is one of the unique and must visit destinations while on a Kenyan Safari.  The park is so interesting in that it hosts the big five which are lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos and it boosts of being Kenya’s second-largest population of endangered black rhinos. Aberdare National Park has various animal species like the African wild cat, Giant Forest hog, serval cat, golden cat, blue duiker and also several bird species including the Aberdare cisticola, African green pigeon, African goshawk, Augur buzzard, crowned eagle among others.


Activities in Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park boosts of being a Unique Wildlife destination with several activities visitors can engage in, among these include;

Game Drives

This is one of the most fascinating activities since it offers beautiful sights of the Aberdare Mountain ranges, vegetation, magnificent waterfalls and rare animal sightings for example the elusive bongo forest Antelope.



A home to about 250 species of birds which can be seen during the Safari, these include Jackson’s Francolin, Goshawks, Sparrow hawks, Eagles, Sunbirds, Plovers and many more.


This activity in Aberdare National Park is done in the company of a ranger guide on trekking trails through forests, across moorlands and towing bamboos. These hikes offer stunning views of the park’s landscape and other attractions like Karuru waterfalls and the wildlife.


Horse Riding

Done at the foothills of the Aberdare ranges and it offers a great opportunity to explore the park on a horse ride with beautiful sights of the attractions.


When to Visit

Aberdare National Park  best visited in the dry months of June to October and December to February though the park is open throughout the year.


How to Get to Aberdare National Park

Accessed by Road and by Air.

By Road, the park is about 160km from Nairobi which takes about 2 to 3 hours’ drive. Another route is the Nyahururu road through Nyeri town.

By Air, you catch a scheduled or a chartered flight from Wilson Airport that is located in the southern part of Nairobi to Mweiga or Nanyuki Airstrips and then connect a short distance by road to the park headquarters.


Aberdare National Park Entry Gates

This Park has a number of gates used to access the park and they include;

Shamata gate

Rhino gate

Mutubio West gate

Treetops gate

 Wanderis gate

The Ark gate

 Kiandongoro gate

 Ruhuruini gate

Accommodations in Aberdare National Park

The Accommodations in Aberdare range from Luxury and Mid-range to Budget and they include;

Luxury Accommodations

The Ark Tree Lodge

Aberdare Country Club

Treetops Hotel Aberdare

Chaka Ranch Tented Camp

Tafaria Castle and Cunty Lodge

Giraffe Ark Game Lodge


Mid-Range Accommodations

Rhino Watch Safari Lodge

West wood Hotel

Aberdare Fishing Lodge

Aberdare Prestige & Royal Cottages

Anabas Mount Kenya Lodge

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